This publication offers insight into Eritrea's Nation Building, State Construction and Development.   


Nation Building, State Construction and Development in Africa - The Case of Eritrea, 2010 (ENG)


Author: Andebrhan Welde Giorgis



Independent Eritrea’s experience to date evinces a marked deficit in democratic governance. Significant lapses have disconnected policy and practice in nation building, state construction and development. After nineteen years of independence the state of Eritrea, like some postcolonial African states, is in deep crisis. It has failed to provide for the needs, promote the wellbeing, cater to the aspirations and safeguard the security of the people. It is characterised by a crisis of legitimacy, delivery and relevance. A dismal record has dashed hopes that Eritrea would avoid the continent’s malaise and shine as the inspiring beacon of an African success story. An internally driven, dynamic and developing process of democratic governance would underpin successful nation building, state reconstruction and development in Eritrea and Africa. Proactive German engagement designed to promote peace and security, democratic governance and economic development would contribute to the success of an autonomous African project.