On September 21st, 2020, ECES and APEGRI signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing the mutual support aiming for the promotion and implementation of Quality Manadement Systems and Risk Management activities for electoral organisations.

The signature, which took place online between ECES co-founder and Executive Director Fabio Bargiacchi and APEGRI President, Angel Escorial, demonstrated the two organisations' commitment towards continuous support of  electoral organisations worldwide; the promotion of transparency and quality of their management systems; and the promotion of internationally recognised risk management standards.

Upon signing, Fabio Bargiacchi stated: “This memorandum of understanding reiterates our commitment to supporting electoral stakeholders around the world, in cooperation with the highest quality partners such as APEGRI. This agreement perfectly embodies the values and activities that are at the core of ECES work, namely the promotion of quality management systems, transparency and risk management, in line with the best international standards.”

"As an ISO 9001 certified foundation for Quality Management Systems, it was the natural follow up step for us to support other organisations in implementing such systems. It therefore made all sense to join forces with APEGRI, the most reputed organisation in the field of risk management."

For his part, Víctor Pérez, coordinator of the Electoral Organisations workgroup in APEGRI, commented, “the recent COVID-19 pandemic has shown the vulnerability of electoral processes towards unexpected risks and the importance of risk management planning for electoral organisations. This agreement between ECES as a leading entity in technical assistance for electoral organisations and APEGRI as a pioneer association of risk management professionals, will facilitate the improvement of electoral organisations´ risk-based thinking and contribute to the implementation of safer processes.”



APEGRI is a world leading entity amongst risk management organisations, composed by risk managers and trainers with internationally recognised certifications of different risk management standards, with presence in multiple countries of several continents, having a permanently dedicated working group for electoral organisations and which main aim is the application of internationally recognised risk management standards in quality management systems of electoral organisations