This summary explores the EU's efforts to strengthen its capacity to respond to electoral conflicts.


Missing a Trick? Building Bridges between EU Mediation and EU Electoral Support in Conflict-affected Countries - Expert Seminar Report, 2012 (ENG).


Authors: Antje Herrberg, Raphaël Pouyé and Fabio Bargiacchi
Publisher: MediatEUr and ECES
September 2012


This short report provides a summary of the discussions from the expert seminar held on the 25th of September 2012 by mediatEUr and ECES to explore how the EU might strengthen its capacity to respond to electoral conflicts and violence. The meeting aimed to: 1) support the creation of greater linkages between conflict prevention and electoral assistance and overall policy support to address these issues together; 2) outline the complexities and opportunities for electoral observation, assistance, mediation and conflict resolution in the context of conflict and violence; 3) generate recommendations to the EU to strengthen its capacity to better respond to electoral violence through mediation and conflict resolution measures; and 4) outline elements for a specialised training curriculum on electoral violence, electoral assistance, mediation and conflict resolution, as well as leadership development for EU audiences.