The report is a comprehensive review of Madagasca's media environment ahead of presidential elections.

Media coverage in the Madagascar electoral process, First turn of the Presidential Elections - Report, 2014 (FR)

Authors: ECES/PACTE Madagascar members
Publisher: ECES/PACTE Madagascar
January 2014 



In the framework of the PACTE project, ECES is delighted to present the Media Monitoring report on the Malagasy Presidential Elections. The report was released by KMF/CNOE’s Media Monitoring Unit (Comité en charge de l'observation des élections et de l'éducation des citoyens). Through the analysis of 16 national newspapers, 8 radio stations and 5 TV channels, the MM unit has provided a comprehensive report of the media environment in the months leading up to the presidential elections. The primary objective of the MM unit is to analyse the electoral process, to ensure that each candidate had an equal access to the media and to control the presence of inflammatory speeches.