The EU funded project, Preventing, mitigation and management of electoral conflicts & potential violence in Ethiopia (PEV-Ethiopia), implemented by the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) in collaboration with Forum of Federation and GOinnovation, organised a leadership and conflict management training workshop for 45 Haramaya Law School students and Lecturers on 8-11 October, 2019 in Harar, Ethiopia.

The workshop equipped participants with leadership skills, looked at sources of electoral conflicts on both; internal and external sources in the electoral cycle, as well as main strategies to manage them. The participants appreciated the training course as timely and relevant to the upcoming 2020 elections.

The overall objective of the LEAD workshop is to look into ways in which representatives of electoral stakeholders (namely representatives of Electoral Management Bodies - EMBs), Non-Governmental Organisations, Political Parties, Academics and Practitioners can improve their leadership skills and take on board means for preventing and/or mitigating the escalation of electoral violence and conflict throughout the respective electoral cycle.