Today marked another successful and productive day in the LEAD training held at the Independent #Elections Commission (الهيئة المستقلة للانتخاب - الأردن ) during which politically active members of Jordanian political parties discussed the future of political progress in their country, and the increasing involvement of youth in political participation.

The day kicked off with a discussion between the participants and , IEC Chairman, Dr. Khaled al-Kalaldeh, about the #youth 's increasing involvement in #Jordan's #politics. The conversation then shifted towards local #media and their role in political development.

The participants’ feedback about the program was overwhelmingly positive. Hala al Resheq, one of the event’s participants, admitted that she didn't know much about the elections before this event.
“Thanks to this training, I started understanding the details of what happens within the electoral process, and I feel confident enough to explain to and help others with anything related to these elections.”

Dr. Khalid Al Kalaldeh, Chairman of the IEC, spoke about the #LEADtraining program that took place this past week, and enthusiastically mentioned that he was glad to see such participation within the #youth.

“The participation we saw was positively different from before, and the participants now know the points they need to focus on when it comes to the electoral process."

These training programs seek to guide young #Jordanians in better understanding the electoral process how they to be involved in it. Dr. Al Kalaldeh sees a bright future for Jordanian youth and their involvement in political progress.

“I am in my nature always optimistic, and I believe that the youth of Jordan will find a way to express themselves politically and achieve their demands.”