Funded by the EU, ECES facilitates a LEAD training in Yaoundé, Cameroon between the 24-28 June 2013. This training follows the LEAD training made in Bujumbura, Burundi on March 2013.


The main beneficiaries of the workshop are representatives from the Electoral Management Bodies, the media, the civil society, organisations in charge of ensuring the security of the electoral process, and organisations in charge of electoral dispute resolution.


The workshop hosts 40 participants and was delivered throughout 5 days around the following different axes:

  • Leadership challenges and issues during electoral processes,
  • Electoral cycle and its vulnerability phases,
  • Effective change management and possible technological solutions,
  • Management of electoral crises and negotiation’s techniques,
  • Preventing electoral crises and formulate new effective solutions for the future

​​The training was facilitated by 3 experienced LEAD facilitators and electoral experts : Mr Clément Aganahi, Mr Corneille Nangaa and Mr Raphaël Pouyé.