On Monday 5 September, the Kenyan Supreme Court ruled that the electoral process had been properly carried out and confirmed the results of the 9 August electionsAlmost a month after the Kenyan election, this decision marks the conclusion of a peaceful and democratic electoral process. 

Since June 2021, thanks to the support of the Central Directorate for Sub-Saharan Africa - DGMO of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we have been supporting this process within the framework of the INNOV-ELECTION project, in collaboration with the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies of PisaAs a result of the initiative, we provided to the members of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) in-person and distance training in Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral Stakeholders (LEAD), a course copyrighted by ECES. 

LEAD activities - aimed at electoral conflict prevention - were considered important and effective by the European Union to the extent that they paved the way for the funding of the PRO PEACE KENYA project implemented by ECES, in support of the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC). The 18-month project is aimed at promoting peace and cohesion in Kenya through the prevention and mitigation of electoral conflicts. During the pre-election period, we provided a number of additional LEAD trainings targeting not only the staff of the NCIC but also members of civil society.   

These elections mark an important step in the democratic life of the country which we are happy to have supported, thanks to the support of the Italian Foreign Ministry and of the European Union.