Within the framework of the Project ‘ EU Support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions & Development, EU-JDID’, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) holds its first ‘Introduction and Interpretation of the Standard ISO 9001/17582-2014 (ISO technical specifications for quality management systems-QMS for electoral organizations), training for IEC employees at IEC premises, in cooperation with European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES).

The implementation of a QMS for Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) can facilitate the regulation processes and procedure, thus leading to a higher level of accountability, generating further institutional development and minimizing the potential for undue influence by individuals. The management and certification of quality has a direct impact on the transparency and the modernization of an EMB, as certification demonstrates its commitment to improve and achieve the highest standards of quality.

In addition to this, ISO is one core component of the EURECS strategy, which is EU-JDID implementing methodology developed by ECES and EPD members aimed to implement projects and programmes in consistency with European values and EU policies.

In fact, the implementation of ISO/TS 17582:2014 adheres to and contributes to the aim of enhancing “the role and capacity of, and public confidence in, Election Management Bodies to independently and effectively organise credible, inclusive and transparent elections, in particular through enhanced dedicated dialogue and long term support strategy with the objective to promote the integrity of  the electoral processes”, as established in the EU Action Plan for Democracy 2015-2020.

The diagnostic mission is divided into two stages for a period of 6 days (19 April- 2 May 2018). The first phase of the mission foreseen the organisation of a training dedicated to IEC department focal points who will be involved in the certification process based on ISO 9001/17582-2014’. The second phase of diagnostic mission will allow to train senior IEC representatives to become surveyors/ISO accredited.

Within the context of the diagnostic mission, the International Expert and ISO Lead Auditor José Enrique Sierra and ECES’ ISO Auditor, Adolfo Cayuso, aim to provide IEC staff with:

  • Knowledge on the importance of quality management systems and its benefits for the organisation;
  • Increase awareness of quality management system and on its practical implementation within the institution;
  • Enhance comprehension of the effective implementation of quality management system based on ISO standards/requirements;
  • Tools and expertise to analyse and document of the processes that impact the quality of services
  • Work plan for the implementation of corrective measures, based on need assessment
  • Road map for the final certification based on external audit
  • Tools and expertise to optimize resources and improve organizational performance.

With the Support of EU-JDID, IEC aims to become the first Arabic EMB to be officially certified with ISO 9001/17582-2014, by employing innovative tools/strategies to implement effective quality management system. So far the only ISO accredited EMBs are from Latin America. Therefore, EU-JDID aims to support IEC is this milestone achievement of becoming a reference with regards to quality management systems applied to electoral organizations.

On the long term, the project will support the IEC to prepare the ISO audit to be carried out by external accredited auditors.