In May 2015, ECES launched a new project - Initiative Citoyenne pour la Consolidation de la Paix, Leadership et Stabilité - INCIPALS (Citizens' Initiative for Peace Building, Leadership and Stability) in Madagascar. 

The INCIPALS project is funded by the European Union and it will have an expected length of 12 months.
The main objective of the project is to contribute to consolidate a peaceful environment and democratic process. The project will be implemented in 22 regions of Madagascar. The main beneficiaries of the project are Civil Society Organizations, youth, women, journalists and the Malagasy population as a whole.

The project takes aims at strengthening the results already achieved by the PACTE – Madagascar Project (Project to Support the Credibility and Transparency of Elections) funded by the European Union and implemented by a consortium led by ECES.
The main expected results of INCIPALS are, inter alia:

•    the consolidation of the civil society’ technical expertise in monitoring the electoral cycle and elected institutions mandate;

•    strengthening the capacity in conflict prevention and peace consolidation;

•    consolidation of civic/electoral education initiatives;

•    promotion of dialogue/discussion between different components of society;

•    strengthening leadership capacity of women for greater political participation;

•    improving the understanding of citizens perception within different target groups (geographic, ethnic, social, gender).
After 5 years of political and institutional crisis, Madagascar has an elected President and National Assembly. However, recent events in Madagascar, such as the legal challenge launched by the President against the parliamentary impeachment vote, threaten the political stability as well as the functioning of national institutions. Furthermore, Madagascar remains at the time of writing politically, economically and socially fragile country. INCIPALS project aimed at consolidating the democratization processes and contributing to the creation of a peaceful environment.


Pour de plus amples informations sur INCIPALS,  n’hésitez pas à consulter le site du projet à l’adresse suivante