This guide offers advice and guidance for female candidates in the Afghanistan elections.

Guide for Female Candidates to the Wolesi Jirga

Within the framework of the Project in Support of Enhanced Sustainability, and Electoral Integrity in Afghanistan, the Guide for Female Candidates to the Wolesi Jirga has been edited.

Afghanistan has made significant progress in its path towards democratic consolidation, with notable milestones including the first-ever peaceful democratic transfer of power; increased citizen participation with a more active engagement of women and civil society; and the bolstering of an electoral framework that is in line with international standards. However, elections in Afghanistan have been characterized by electoral fraud casting a shadow of public distrust of Afghan public in democratic institutions. Public skepticism in the electoral process risks endangering the progress that has been made in the past fifteen years. Through new ways of leadership and doing politics, females candidates to the Wolesi Jirga have a great potential to contribute enhancing the electoral integrity and re-establishing the credibility of the democratic and electoral processes in the eyes of the Afghan population.

The guide is available in English, Dari, and Pashto.