"Experience sharing of the PEV Madagascar project" is a publication produced as part of ECES project in Madagascar.

This document brings together the achievements and results of the Prevention and Management of Conflicts and Election-related Violence (PEV) in Madagascar (PEV Madagascar) in order to be able to use them in upcoming electoral process. 

This publication is built on a variety of documents produced by the project's different implementing organisations, in particular:

  • ECES studies (of electoral violence), manuals and training reports as well as its citizen's guide; 
  • CID reports on media monitoring and electoral violence monitoring;
  • KMF / CNOE reports from consultation frameworks;
  • Coalition of Radio Stations reports radio broadcasts;
  • Liberty 32, in consultation with AUProG, reports on youth initiatives.

This document is based on the lessons and experiences learned from the PEV Madagascar project and aims to inspire, raise awareness, guide and mobilise all stakeholders in the prevention and management of electoral conflicts. It offers information and guidance on the courses of action to promote the democratic process in Madagascar and elsewhere and constitutes a valuable tool for the consolidation of the peace of all electoral actors.


Full document is accessible here (in French)