EODS contributes to strenghtening EU Election Observation Missions and EU observers' capacities.


ECES is a member of the consortium that implements the 'Electoral Observation Democracy Support (EODS II)” project.

EODS aims to:

  • contribute to the consolidation of a consistent methodology for EU Election Observation Missions, in line with relevant international and regional standards for democratic elections;
  • strengthen EU observers’ capabilities, through the development of a common EU approach;
  • boost the election observation capacity and methodology of regional organisations and networks.


Among others, the main activities of the EODS II project will be

  • to further develop methodological and training tools
  • to address new challenges for EU EOM methodology
  • to carry out studies/researches on election topics and methodological issues.
  • to ensure targeted briefings for EU EOMs Core Teams and for potential Chief Observers (COs) and for EU Delegation officers
  • to provide support/advise mechanism to EU EOMs
  • to deliver assistance and advice on the communication, outreach and visibility strategy for EU EOMs
  • to establish regular and close cooperation with other international or regional organisations and networks.


EODS’ experts provided by ECES and the Osservatorio di Pavia have long-standing and consolidated experience in elections; therefore, they will ensure a complementary pool of know-how for an holistic and multifaceted project implementation. 

The lead technical backstopping of the project’s 3 years is ensured by ECES.