ECES is proud to have supported the meeting of the European Cooperation Network on Elections (ECNE) that was held on the 29th of March in Brussels, Belgium. The meeting focused on good electoral practices addressing electoral participation of citizens with disabilities and the 2021 Democracy Package proposals on political advertising and electoral rights.

For almost one year ECES has been supporting the General Directorate Justice of the European Commission in the production of background papers and minutes of the ECNE meetings, via Tipik.

ECNE was created by the European Commission in an effort to protect the 2019 elections to the European Parliament and address the challenges posed by the online environment and developments observed in elections directed at discrediting elections in Europe. The network brings together representatives of the 27 Member States’ authorities with competence in electoral matters.

Since January 2019, the meetings have allowed for practical exchanges on topics such as free and fair elections, data protection, cyber-security, transparency and awareness raising among EU member states.

ECES is pleased to support this initiative to contribute to electoral processes and democracy in Europe.

You can find the minutes of the meetings and all related documentation on the dedicated website of the General Directorate Justice of the European Commission.