ECES has copyrighted its own database: The Roster Database for Electoral Assistance Experts.

At the end of 2010, facing the need to develop a pool of referenced experts specialised in electoral assistance, ECES was built also on the basis of creating a “Database of Electoral Assistance Experts” with proven track records in electoral related field ready for rapid deployment to implement projects according to EU values and EU procedures and funded by the EU and/or EU member states.

For this reason and mainly counting on the experience and network of its Founder, Fabio Bargiacchi, with the contribution of the members of the ECES Management Board, Management Unit and Strategic & Advisory Committee, over the years has created an application called “Roster of Electoral Assistance Experts”.


Multi-dimensional expertise

It includes 1500 specialized CVs of Project Directors, Project Coordinators, Finance and Operations Managers, Accountants, Procurement experts for the management of EU/EU member states funded projects and area experts specialised in all steps of an electoral process such as:

• electoral leadership;

• legal framework;

• electoral operations;

• prevention of electoral conflicts;

• media monitoring;

• institutional communication;

• electoral budgeting;

• voter registration;

• delimitation of boundaries;

• face to face and distance capacity development;

• civic-voter education;

• transmission of results etc.


Roster Database – encompassing deep electoral experience

The Roster and the related application were established taking into account the accumulation of 25 years of knowledge, experience and professional networks of the ECES’ founder in different institutions and international organisations implementing electoral assistance and election observation (EU, UN, OSCE) coupled with the 11 years of experience in the promotion electoral and democratic strengthening of ECES.

The utilisation of the application to recruit experts by ECES has been approved by the different external system and financial audits that ECES undertook during its important experience in the field of electoral assistance, mainly funded by the EU and EU member states.


How it works?

One of the most important added value is ECES' capacity to rapidly mobilise highly qualified expertise through its Roster’s app. The procedure for the mobilisation of expertise is mostly based on the consultation of this app, exchanges with donors and beneficiaries and the establishment of a Human Resource Plan particularized for each project, that is submitted for approval before the start of the activities.

The database of ECES Experts is regularly updated throughout publication of announcements on the Vacancies page of ECES or ECES’ projects’ websites.

All data sent to ECES is managed in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).