On 29 May 2021, ECES Founder and Executive Director, Fabio Bargiacchi presented ECES’ copyrighted strategy A European Response to Electoral Cycle Support (EURECS)” and its implementation in Ethiopia (EURECS Ethiopia and PEV Ethiopia) at the 4th edition of ChangeNOW Summit. ChangeNOW brings together, in a three-day event, more than 400 innovators addressing the most urgent global issues and more than 500 international speakers (among others: Emmanuel Macron, Frans Timmermans, Prince Albert II of Monaco and Justin Trudeau).

EURECS was selected among the 5 "most innovative projects for Peace" of the 2021 edition for its impact on addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. After its selection for the Paris Peace Forum “Scale-Up Initiative, this is the second time that EURECS Ethiopia has been selected for its quality, relevance and its potential.

ECES’ strategy was presented and discussed with Marc Reverdid (Secretary-General of the Paris Peace Forum), Stéphane Bourbier (Founder and Managing partner of Astérion Impact), Adriana Freitas (General Partner of Deepgreen Impact Investing), Elena Chernysheva (Communication Project Coordinator of WWF Russia), Christopher Cordov (AI for Climate) and Anthe Vrijlandt (Trademark East Africa).

Commenting on the presentation, Fabio Bargiacchi said: “EURECS is an innovative strategy implemented in more than 50 countries around the globe. It is a long-term resolution that tries to ensure a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to stimulate ownership among political leaders and electoral players to target peace and stability.

Watch the full pitch here!