We have obtained the TRACE and ISO 9001 certifications for our financial transparency and for our quality management system. We implement our activities via a truly international, multicultural and multilgual personnel. With individuals with at least 60 different nationalities who can work in at least 30 languages we are as diverse as the electoral stakeholders we cooperate with worldwide.

This native insight and our innovator spirit make us better electoral assistance implementor and helped us foster strong relationships also because we can communicate and work in many languages and therefore understand many cultures.

We are able to speak and work in more than 30 languages, the most important being: Italian, French, English, Portuguese, Arab, Swahili, German, Spanish, Greek, Swedish, Dutch-Flemish, Polish, Romanian, Albanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Shona, Berber, Bahasa Indonesia, Nigerian Pidgin, Bosnian-Croat-Serbian, Wolof, Lingala, Moré, Dioula, Bambara, Fulfulde etc.