We’re proud to announce that ECES has officially been accredited for the upcoming 3 years by EQA (European Quality Assurance) for its efforts in implementing ISO 9001:2015 for the improvement of this quality management system.

It is with great gratitude for our team’s commitment that ECES has, once again, achieved this world-renowned accreditation from EQA (European Quality Assurance) and, once again, proved its continuous dedication to abiding by the highest international standards for quality management.


What does this mean?

ECES’ ISO 9001 accreditation renewal is built upon on our successful implementation of a system of continual improvement for three consecutive years. After receiving its certification in 2020 and its maintenance audits in the last 2 years, ECES has, through this re-accreditation, shown that all its processes and procedures are executed on the basis of quality and transparency.

Our re-accreditation directly demonstrates ECES's professionalism in operating as an organisation that is not only in full alignment with the needs and expectations of donors and beneficiaries but also consistent in its upholding of the principle of procedural excellence. By following our system of continual improvement, ECES has increased its effectiveness, minimised errors, and ensured that our projects are implemented in the best way possible.

How did we achieve this re-accreditation?

ECES has developed a comprehensive set of methodologies to ensure that all requirements are effectively addressed, improvements identified, and implemented on the grounds of our ceaseless commitment to quality assurance.

To be re-accredited with this certification, ECES has submitted itself to an independent external evaluation that analysed all the ECES HQ processes, including a review of documentation, a system examination against all clauses of the ISO standard, and the closure of any improvement actions.


Upon receiving the ISO 9001:2015 re-accreditation, ECES Founder and Executive Director Fabio Bargiacchi expressed his enthusiasm for this achievement:

“This re-accreditation is very important for ECES. Our work as an organisation has always aimed for the path towards improvement. This is the confirmation that our professionalism in managing our activities and projects around the world is assured day by day, year after year.

I’m very happy to see us improve. And I’m extremely grateful to the entire staff and experts who relentlessly worked to achieve this re-accreditation. On one hand, I would like to especially thank our head of operations, Julia Onnasch, for her incomparable commitment throughout this process. On the other hand, give a special thanks to our Project and Communications Officer, Joel Minoungou, for his well-noticed performance throughout this re-accreditation.”


What’s next?

  • Our work towards continual improvement remains. After this re-accreditation, ECES will undergo annual maintenance audits and execute internal audits to ensure that our system of continual improvement achieves the highestquality possible. ECES’ activities and projects will continue to be conducted as planned and in line with both internal and external requirements.
  • Our commitment to quality and assurance will continue, and our personnel will continue to be trained on the basis of capacity development.