Virtual consultation workshop for a regional project "Peace, stability and governance" of the Indian Ocean Commission.

On Thursday, June 11th, 2020, ECES in collaboration with CFI -The French media development agency, through its electoral council section head, Eva Palmans, presented the conclusions of the diagnostic study for a “Peace, stability and governance” project for the Indian Ocean Commission.

The workshop allowed for discussions with representatives from the Member States, the General Secretariat of the IOC and the French Development Agency (AFD); the latter having provided financial support for carrying out the study.

Some of the major statements formulated during the workshop include:

Imam Abdillah, Chairman of the Committee of Permanent Liaison Officers (OPL), who said: "IOC’s political mandate is part of the new remit of close cooperation. It is, in fact, a key player in peace and stability. This vision was instigated at the Summit of Heads of State and Government of Moroni in 2014, reiterated at the ministerial retreat on the future of the IOC in August 2019 in Moroni and finally stated at the 34th Council of Ministers of March 2020 in Seychelles in the revised Victoria Agreement "

The 'Peace and Stability 'project would focus on themes that are important for our member states. These include crisis prevention and mediation, support for electoral processes, and broader support for governance at regional level" - Hamada Madi, Secretary General of the IOC.

"Peace and stability are some of the four common goods at the heart of AFD's intervention. Our support is therefore natural in addition to actions for health, climate and biodiversity…" summarised André Pouillès-Duplaix, director of AFD for Mauritius and the Seychelles.

The conclusions of the workshop will form the basis for the next step, which is the feasibility study for such a project.

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