With the joint project signed between ECES and the African Union (AU), financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, via the Italian- African Peace Facility (IAPF), ECES has supported and participated in the AU workshop held in Niamey - Niger, from August 24 to 26, 2022 on the theme of “the African Union Guidelines on Constitutional Amendments.

This seminar promoted by the AU and more specifically by the Department of Political Affairs, Peace and Security is the third to be held with high-level experts on the potential principles that the AU wants to establish for constitutional changes.

The seminar addressed issues such as the existing gaps in the AU's normative framework, the AU's preliminary draft on constitutional changes in Africa and the existing perspectives.

It is an honour for us to accompany the AU in this high-level work, in view of the political context in some countries and to be able to reinforce the work of the AU in combating military and institutional coups d'état that disturb and disrupt regular electoral cycles that are considered the standard in a democratic framework.

ECES supported the organization of the workshop financially and also brought administrative and technical support. We also used the opportunity to emphasize the need to strengthen and promote democratic values on the continent.

We were represented at the meeting by Gorka Gamarra, Head of Operations and Administration; Alessio Beltrami, Project and Communication Officer.