Lessons learnt conducting workshops under COVID-19 environment

On August 19th, ECES experts and LEAD/training facilitators shared their experience from working in the field under the context of COVID-19 and the state of emergency, as part of the Webinar titled "Lessons learnt onducting workshops under COVID-19 environment".

Participants were drawn from staff of Non Governmental Organisations members of the CECOE (Coalition of Ethiopian Civil Society for Elections) and discussed a variety of topics, including:

  • Undertaking such trainings in the context of COVID-19 and State of Emergency (SoE)
  • Compliance to the rules and guidelines of SoE
  • Precautionary measures and processes
  • Effectiveness of trainings and precautionary measures
  • Challenges faced and solutions to manage these challenges 
  • Recommendations for similar initiatives


Overall, the webinar aimed to:

  • Share reflections and experiences on the strengths of managing workshops in such pandemics
  • Exchange reflections and lessons learned on the challenges of managing workshops in such pandemics
  • Reassess the organisation of future trainings based on the feedback of participants, notably  about the underlining factors affecting the effectiveness of the trainings during COVID
  • Create a shared learning platforms for similar activities as the pandemic continues  


Thank you everyone for being a part of this webinar!

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