On Saturday, ECES Project Coordinator in Nigeria, Hamza Fassi-Fihri, was invited in the Disability Inclusion Radio Show of Radio Nigeria (FRCN).

Mr Fassi-Fihri spoke about the role of civil society organisations in promoting inclusion for People With Disabilities, and the work ECES is doing through its project European Union Support to Democratic Governance in Nigeria

Some of the topics discussed during the show included:

  • CSOs' role in the Nigerian society
  • Disability inclusion and its significance
  • ECES' support to the promotion of disability inclusion in Nigeria
  • Solutions and way forward to promote and mainstream disability-inclusion in CSOs' work and society
  • The Discrimination against Persons with Disability (Prohibition) Act
  • among many others

This intervention is part of EU-SDGN's strong partnership with the The Albino Foundation (TAF) which promotes disability inclusion in Nigeria. More episodes to come!