Call for candidates for the evaluation of the electoral process in Senegal.
The detailed terms of the offer are available here.
Team mission:
A team of seven (7) experts composed of: a head of mission, a legal expert, an expert specialising in databases and biometrics, an expert in electoral operations, a statistician demographer, and two experts specialising in field surveys .
A perfect command of the French language, both written and spoken, is essential.
  • A Principal Electoral Expert, Head of Mission. Role: Team coordination and summary of reports from other experts.
  • An expert in biometrics and databases. Role: He will ensure the technological review of the systems (Enrollment, Cards, Biometrics, AFIS etc) and he will prepare the report on the electoral technology used.
  • An expert in electoral operations. Role: He prepares the report on pre-electoral operations (the procedures implemented in the administrative registration commissions, in the commissions for the distribution of voter cards, handling disputes and producing the final electoral lists.
  • A Legal Expert. Role: He will prepare the legal report relating to the electoral code including both the legal framework and the regulatory framework for the organisation and conduct of the voter registration process in Senegal.
  • An expert statistician demographer. Role: He participates in the preparation of the summary report by providing the results of studies on national population files and on the comparison between different databases
  • Two Senegalese investigators because of the need to speak at least one national language for field surveys