Call for applications of experts to conduct an audit of the voter list and the evaluation of the electoral process in Senegal.

The call for applications can be accessed in full here (FRENCH)

Profile Required:
A team made up of:
  • A LEGAL EXPERT / Head of Mission
Information on Team positions:
A legal expert / Head of mission for a study on the legal framework and a comparative analysis of international standards. He coordinates the experts in the auditing of the electoral register.
Three experts for the audit of the electoral register, including 1 expert in electoral biometrics, 1 expert in information systems, and 1 expert demographic statistician.
A perfect command of the French language, both written and spoken, is essential
Duty Station: Dakar, Senegal
Expected results of the Mission entail:
  • An overall report of the audit mission with a summary note is drawn up, maximum 90 days after the start of the work.
  • A workshop for the restitution of the audit report is organised in the presence of the various actors of the electoral process, maximum 120 days after the start of work.
 Specific objectives of the Audit of the Electoral Register:
  • review the legal and regulatory framework;
  • review the voter registration chain;
  • carry out the necessary examinations of the electoral register;
  • examine the technological suitability;
  • analyse the adequacy of the procedures and identify the adjustments to be made;
  • analyse the adequacy of human resources and identify skills gaps and additional needs;
  • examine the anomalies observed by the actors;
  • propose measures to correct the anomalies observed.