ECES is launching a call for applications for the position of Senior Administration and Finance Manager of the project European Response to Electoral Cycle Support in Ethiopia -EURECS-Ethiopia. 

The EURECS project, fully funded by the European Development Fund (EDF), seeks to strengthen the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) to raise the profile of an independent, credible and effective institution that will deliver inclusive and democratic electoral processes in Ethiopia. The action seeks to contribute to enhancing the transparency, credibility, and public confidence in the NEBE, as well as in the electoral process recognizing the high expectations on the 2020 elections as the starting point for a paradigm shift in the conduct of elections in the country. The action of the EURECS in Ethiopia is built around the three main result areas as follows:

  • NEBE’s leadership and strategic management capacity is improved and it’s perceived by the citizens as an independent institution;
  • NEBE’s core institutional capacities are reinforced and it can conduct a credible electoral process;
  • The Liaison between NEBE and external groups is strengthened and the electoral process is more inclusive.

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