On Saturday 22nd June 2019, EU-JDID, Component Parliamentary Support, held its fifth Youth workshop at Aqaba Governorate. Thematic Discussions focused on “Youth Political and Economic Participation in Aqaba Governorate”. The discussion explored how to increase youth political participation and tools to engage them in the political sphere at local and national levels and examine available channels for them for political participation.

As for the second part of the activity, a discussion took place on how to decrease youth poverty and unemployment in terms of reasons behind this, how can youth contribute to creating better chances for themselves and how MPs, in particular the MPs in the Committee on Youth and Sport of the House of Representatives, can support their demands and take them into real action.

The seminar in Aqaba is part of a series of activities targeting youth to be implemented by EU-JDID, Component Parliamentary Support, throughout the 12 Governorates. The main objective of these activities is to support youth engagement in Parliamentary work building, to raise their political awareness, to build their capacities and to give them a platform to meet their elected representative in the Parliament. During the seminars, youth share challenges they face and raise concerns to seek possible support from MPs and the government, especially in terms of unemployment, poverty reduction and limited life opportunities.