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ECES and Urban Republic entered into a partnership in May 2012 with the aim of promoting innovative democratic development through the creation of visual content, in order to strengthen the capacities of all the actors involved in the electoral processes.  The first collaboration translated into the launching of the project "A Political Safari". The project was aimed at reaching the places where people do not have access to electricity, internet and cinema and presenting the inspirational documentary "An African Election" to people who want to, and must, be part of the political process. 


In August 2012, a truck was equipped with a projector and generator - effectively transforming it into a movie theater on wheels. The truck travelled through 10 different regions in Ghana to screen this film and an inspiring vision for African democracy. A Political Safari is currently working with international partners and local democracy trainers to create non-partisan voter education workshops and training tools, specifically designed for youth, women, and marginalised communities in Ghana. This is an unique and exciting collaboration that relies on local expertise and supports self-determination and effective dialogue across ideological, socio-economic and ethnic lines.


Urban Republic and ECES are looking forward to bringing this new and exciting initiative to more African countries.



For more information, please visit the dedicated project website or send an email to