We @ECES we carry out all our activities via innovative copyrighted methodologies and tools in relation to our advisory services, project and financial management. These are implemented following the quality management and financial transparency principles of the ISO 9001 and TRACE certifications that we have obtained and renewed every year.

In this context, we have started to copyright the concept of ECES per se as not for profit, independent, non partisan foundation established with the main purpose of facilitating the electoral cooperation between the EU, EU Member States and their partner countries when it comes to electoral assistance projects.

We have continued with our specific project approach called the “European Response to Electoral Cycle Support, EURECS” which in turn is implemented using 18 others copyrights among ICTs applications, tools and methodologies. In total, we do have at present 20 copyrights which are a testimony to the leading-edge work of ECES across the globe, and to our commitment to continuous improvement to further contribute to democratic and electoral processes worldwide. The list is following below:

  1. Concept of the European Centre for Electoral Support,
  2. European Response to Electoral Cycle EURECS,
  3. Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral Stakeholders (LEAD),
  4. Electoral Political Economy Analyses (EPEA) Methodology,
  5. Preventing election-related conflict and potential violence (PEV),
  6. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP),
  7. Communication and Visibility (C&V) Guidelines,
  8. Electoral Security Threat Assessment (ESTA),
  9. Leadership and Quality Management Skills for Electoral Administrators (LEAD-Q),
  10. Innov-Elections distance capacity development learning programme,
  11. Electoral Translator application,
  12. Roster Database for Electoral Assistance Experts,
  13. Peace Mediation for Electoral Processes methodology,
  14. Media Monitoring and Early Warning to tackle hate speech, mitigate conflict and gender-based violence strategy,
  15. Strategic Planning for Electoral Management Bodies,
  16. Polling Station Allocation System (GIS) application,
  17. Poll Workers Management System (PWMS) application,
  18. Electoral Results Aggregator (for EMBs and CSOs) application,
  19. Unified Social Media Monitoring and Early Warning System application
  20. Voter List Digitalisation System application.


More detail can be found HERE.