WFD joined EPD

The European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES  is happy to announce that the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD has recently joined the network of the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD, for which ECES hold the Vice Presidency.

WFD is the UK’s leading democracy-strengthening organisation bringing together parliamentary and political party's expertise to help developing countries in democracy transitioning processes.

WFD’s goal is to assist the development of inclusive democracies by working with overseas parliaments, political parties and civil society – a role it has played for close to a quarter-century. Central to WFD’s vision of assisting the emergence of legitimate, representative democracies are effective parliaments and multi-party politics – the twin pillars of responsible governance.

WFD works with countries undergoing a transition to democracy by providing expertise in developing parliaments, political party structures and civil society organisation – the vital institutions of a functioning democracy. WFD receives a core grant from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office in three-year cycles; the current cycle runs from 2015 to 2018. WFD uses this to ensure a permanent presence in the countries where WFD operate. WFD vision is of the universal establishment of legitimate and effective multi-party representative democracy. WFD can contribute to this by supporting inclusive governance which strengthens policy-making, accountability, representation and citizen participation. 

WFD has established parliamentary strengthening programmes in 22 countries and, with the UK parties, political party programmes in over 40 countries in Eastern Europe, MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean.WFD operates in a wide range of countries and faces different challenges in each. WFD belief is that it’s possible to make substantive improvements even in very challenging circumstances. Rather than engaging in large, one-size-fits-all programmes with expensive components, WFD’s context analysis allows us to tailor bespoke programmes which make small but significant improvements to that country’s governance – and pave the way for bigger changes.