Desk Review of the 2016 Ugandan Supreme Court ruling on the presidential election petition 


On 1 March 2016 former presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi lodged a petition in the Supreme Court seeking annulment of the 18 February 2016 presidential elections which declared the incumbent President Museveni the winner.

The objective of the desk review of the Supreme Court ruling on the presidential petition no. 01 of 2016, submitted by Amama Mbabazi following the Presidential elections in 2016 is to:

  • provide a thorough assessment of the ruling; 
  • analyse the recommendations for electoral reforms provided by the Supreme Court ruling and see these in relation to former presidential petitions, the recommendations provided by the 2016 EU EOM to Uganda as well as in relation to international standards.


This assessment is also aimed to  inform the work of the EU Delegation to Uganda in following up on the EU EOM recommendations, as well as a possible EU Follow-up mission in 2018, which will aim at taking stock of the implementation of the EOM recommendations and identifying areas for future reforms and interventions.

In this context, ECES expert, Renata Tardioli has been selected by the European Union services to implement this mission.