Training CENA Benin

The Autonomous National Election Commission (CENA) of Benin organised this week trainings of its election agents ahead of the Presidential Elections of 6 March 2016.  


In this context, Pierre Weiss, the Team Leader of the Technical Assistance Mission in Benin, participated at trainings in the capacity of trainer. Mr. Weiss provided expertise on voting procedures and means of tabulation of results. He equally had a substantial contribution to the realization of the training support (manuals and result sheets).


The Technical Assistance Mission in Benin, funded by EU, is committed to providing dynamic electoral support to the operational issues related to the electoral process. The Missions aims to contribute to the democratisation of Benin by strengthening the capacity of CENA, particularly in the context of the upcoming presidential elections of 6 March 2016. Through this, the objective of the Mission is to enhance the credibility and transparency of the overall electoral process in the country.