Results Eday+1

Announcement of temporary presidential results

The Project in support to Transparency and Credibility of Elections in Burkina Faso (PACTE-BF), founded by the European Union, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Republic of Austria, the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic and the Kingdom of Denmark; and implemented by ECES, dedicated a specific cluster to support the implementation of an solution for the transmission of electoral results.

Within this specific project cluster, the National Electoral Commission (INEC) of Burkina Faso worked closely with PACTE-BF results transmission expert, Jonathan Seké for developing an efficient, credible and fast system for the electronic treatment of election results. 

In regards to the management and transmission of results, INEC worked closely with international partners such as USAID, UNDP and PACTE-BF. The different contributions from INEC financial and technical partners as well as their interoperability has been tested before the E-Day.

We are pleased to affirm that PACTE-BF contributed to very positive performance: INEC, which engage itself to deliver the electoral result within one day in order to avoid risk of contestation or suspiciousness in regards to results management, succeed in overcoming this historical challenge!

Temporary results have been regularly published, every 30 minutes, on the INEC website, Facebook page and tweeter account.

The institutional communication expert of PACTE-BF, Virginie Ramey, contributed to the design and development of these communication tools in view of strengthening the visibility and the overall transparency of INEC’s work. 

The 30th of November 2015, precisely one day after E-Day, INEC published the temporary results of the presidential election.

INEC President, Barthélémy Kéré, affirmed that the election took place in a calm environment and that the turnout was quite high. Waiting for the Constitutional Council to validate the results, Mr. Kéré felicitated the winner for the victory as well as the other candidates. 
After having successfully overcame the promised of the publication of presidential results, INEC is ready for the announcing the temporary result for the legislative elections.


As per the presidential results, parliamentary results will also be announced on the INEC website, Facebook page and Tweeter account.