Programme for Young Politicians in Africa

PYPA medium

ECES, in partnership with the  Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), delivered several training workshops on Leadership to 45 young politicians representing 21 different political parties from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The one-week long workshops that took place in Jinja, Uganda, were part of the Programme for Young Politicians in Africa (PYPA) organised by the Christian Democratic International Centre (KIC)The PYPA programmes, financed by a coalition of Swedish political parties and development institutes, bring African youth politicians together to discuss common ways to address the challenges that Africa youth is currently facing. During the training, ECES, represented by Senior Elections Advisor, Eva Palmans, and CCL, represented by Regional Director for Africa, Steadman Harrison III, focused on topics such as: Political Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Challenges and Responsibilities leaders face in political and electoral contexts, Electoral Cycle and Conflict Triggers, Conflict Handling Styles and Effective Leadership. ECES and CCL used the film “An African Election” and the article on the 2010 Elections in Burundi (written by Eva Palmans) as case studies.


The participatory approach of the training encouraged participants to come up with examples of leadership challenges they face in their countries and political parties. They were encouraged to extract lessons learned from the case studies in terms of positive and negative leadership styles, and to use the tools and concepts of effective leadership in their own contexts. The interactive learning styles encouraged all participants to work effectively in teams, to promote and foster a positive learning environment and to communicate the key understandings of the training effectively in a cross-cultural environment.
All 45 participants appreciated the content and the interactive adult education methodology. This workshop proved once again that leadership and conflict management skills (LEAD) are crucial for all stakeholders in political/electoral processes, and that capacity building in this field through the combined modules delivered by ECES and CCL offers a comprehensive set of tools and concepts to improve skills and processes in order to meet the need for effective leadership.


The PYPA programme is delivered on an annual basis where ECES is looking forward to future involvement.