Participe – Cabo Verde

“Participe – Cabo Verde: Support to the Strengthening of the Civic Participation in Elections”


The National Electoral Commission (CNE) of Cape Verde launched on 13th of November 2015 a new project “Participe – Cabo Verde: Support to the Strengthening of the Civic Participation in Elections”, project financed by the European Union, with institutional and capacity building expertise provided by ECES. 


“Participate-Cabo Verde” project aims to contribute to the organization of more participatory elections in Cape Verde and will be implemented by the CNE in cooperation with various organizations of the civil society. Its main objectives are to increase civic awareness that will contribute to the reduction of the rate of abstention, especially of women and youth, in the next election, provision of technical and operational support for civic awareness, in particular through training in the field of Leadership and Management of the Electoral Process, and capacity building of different stakeholders.


ECES plays an instrumental role in the implementation of the project by providing the CNE of Cape Verde operational, logistical, budgetary control support and by organising capacity building trainings. The LEAD trainings which will be delivered by ECES will contribute to the reinforcement of the capacities of a wide spectrum of electoral stakeholders. On one hand, LEAD trainings will be aimed at reinforcing the capacities of the high officials, namely, newly nominated Constitutional Court members, members of the CNE, main partners of CNE; and on another hand, LEAD trainings will have as target audience a wider segment of representatives of the society, namely, journalists, key delegates of the CNE, judges and civil society representatives. First LEAD training will be organised in January 2015.
“Participe: Cabo Verde” project was launched on 13th November 2015 and will run for 8 months.