As a result of the identification and formulation mission implemented by ECES experts, Eliane Torres, Capacity Development Adviser and Alain Andriamananony, Head of Finances and Operations, between the 21st to the 28th of February 2014, ECES has signed with the European Union delegation in Conakry, Guinea a parliamentary support project.


PARCAN - Projet d'Appui à la consolidation de la démocratie en Guinée à travers le Renforcement des Capacités de Gestion de l'Assemblée Nationale (Project to Support the Consolidation of Democracy in Guinea through Management Capacity Building of the National Assembly) is an EU funded project which seeks to facilitate the consolidation of the democratic legitimacy in Guinea Conakry. It aims to be achieved through the strengthening of the management administration of the National Assembly. The PARCAN project started in May 2014 and will continue until September 2014. The aim of the project is to enhance capacity development in the national assembly and also to contribute on sensitisation campaign for citizens. Through the delivery of technical support and capacity development activities, the team will contribute to the strengthening of two management units of the National Assembly: the Human Resources and the Finance & Administration.


The project commenced during the week of the celebration of Europe Day with “La fête de l’Europe à Conakry”, a three days movie festival that was organized by the EU Delegation in partnership with the Embassy of Germany, France, Spain, UK and Sweden. Among the documentaries and movies screened, the award-winning documentary “An African Election”, was presented by its director Jarreth Merz, who then participated in a debate around democratique participation of citizens in the framework of the project PARCAN.


ECES experts work with the National Assembly on a daily basis to provide technical support and produce the administrative and financial rules and procedures that the National Assembly will adopt in its next session, which will begin in October 2014.

The ECES team in the country is leaded by Dominique Weerts (Belgium) as chief of project with the support of Francis Buhendwa (DRC), parliamentary expert in administration and finance, among others.


On April 27, 2015, ECES signed a new contract with the EU Delegation in Guinea, Technical Assistance within the Capacity Building Program to the benefit of the National Assembly of Guinea (PARCAN II), which will reinforce its work in continuing to provide structural support to the National Assembly of the Republic of Guinea, along with strengthening stakeholders’ capacity-building in the electoral process and promoting citizen's education and electoral issues.


This project is a contract service entirely funded by the EU which started in May 2015 and whose duration will be of 6 months.


PARCAN II aims at consolidating the achievements of its predecessor and in particular, it has the objective of consolidating the democratic legitimacy in Guinea Conakry through the strengthening of the capacities of the National Assembly.


PARCAN II will continue to implement capacity building activities to the benefit of the National Assembly as well as to support the organization of citizen awareness campaigns.


Within the context of PARCAN II, ECES experts will collaborate with the National Assembly on a daily basis in order to provide technical assistance and support the production of administrative and financial rules and procedures.


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