PAPE Senegal

The project in Support of the Electoral Process in Senegal (PAPE Senegal), funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany is implemented by ECES following the request that the General Direction of Elections (DGE) of June 2016.
The general objective of the project is to contribute to the organisation of an inclusive electoral process based on the responsible and active participation of all electoral stakeholders. PAPE Senegal also aims to contribute to the implementation of the constitutional reforms adopted through the referendum of 20 March 2016 and to consolidate democracy at large.
The specific objectives are to :
  • Develop and implement voter awareness and education campaigns;
  • Reinforce the institutional communication of the DGE;
  • Reinforce capacities in leadership and conflict management skills of electoral stakeholders (LEAD) as to encourage the establishment of permanent platforms of dialogue and consultations between national actors.
The project PAPE started on February of 2017. The 1st phase (February-November 2017) primarily focused on providing support to legislative elections’ of July 2017 with a number of activities aimed to contribute to:
  • awareness raising activities; 
  • DGE’s institutional communication, 
  • the functioning of the monitoring committee;
  • national political dialogue.  
Thanks to the additional financial support of Federal Republic of Germany and with the contribution of the European Union, for which ECES is finalizing the procedures, the project will continue to support political dialogues between national electoral stakeholders, mainly through three major pillars:
  • Audit of the voter roll;
  • Review of the electoral law;
  • Support to the monitoring committee.
On the base of the recommendations formulated within the political dialogue activities and considering the outcome of the voter roll’s audit, ECES, in agreement with stakeholders and donors, will adapt project activities as and when required.