LEAD training for law enforcement agents, PACTE-BF project


Burkina Faso's 22nd LEAD training was officially launched by Simon Compaoré, Territorial Administration, Decentralisation and Internal Security Minister, on Monday, April 25th 2016.


After two trainings earlier in April (one LEAD training for women and one LEAD training for some agents of INEC, civil society and journalists), it's time for law enforcement agents to benefit from the LEAD trainings implemented by the PACTE-BF project. 


During the opening-speech of this last training, Franck Balme, ECES' Senior electoral Expert, reminded that the purpose of this training was to anticipate and to better manage any electoral disputes, and stressed the importance of the exchange of experiences and collaboration in the LEAD methodology. 


The Minister warmly thanked ECES that he considered as "part of Burkina Faso's landscape and essential to the proper conduct of elections".


In total, during the entire lifespan of PACTE BF, more than 640 people have participated in the 22 LEAD trainings organised in Burkina Faso. A first of its kind in Burkina Faso, all electoral stakeholders in the country participated to the LEAD training, whether members of the electoral commission, members of political parties, new elected National Assembly, civil society representatives, journalists and law enforcement agents. At the end of the training cycle, Burkina Faso has a  pool of LEAD trainers with 7 Certifying trainers and 32 certified trainers.