OIF Guinea Bissau

Between the 9 and 16 December 2013, ECES, represented by its expert Raphael Pouyé, in partnership with OIF, developed an evaluation mission in Guinea Bissau, at the request of the national authorities.
The main aim of the mission was to assess the planning of the electoral process ahead of the general elections that have been held on the 16th March 2014. Similarly, the mission’s objective was to formulate recommendations that could support OIF in the delivering of electoral assistance activities to Guinea Bissau.
In the specific, ECES and OIF experts have:

  • Gathered information on the political and electoral process,
  • Analysed the operational planning of the electoral process,
  • Identified problems and areas where electoral assistance Francophonie could be most useful, on the basis of principles of Chapter IV-B of the Bamako Declaration on free, fair and transparent elections.

As a follow up of this mission, ECES expert Raphael Pouyé has been deployed to Guinea Bissau in 2014 for a second assignment aimed at supporting national electoral institutions in the preparation of national elections in line with international commitments.