During a press conference held in Moroni on the second of May 2017, the Australian government, represented by their ambassador to the Union of Comoros Madame Susan Coles, and the European Centre for Electoral Support, represented by their project manager Gorka Gamarra, had the pleasure to announce the launch “Ngamdjochinda!”: a project that aims  to bolster female participation in politics.


This initiative, which is part of the electoral and political parity sensitization effort, was the main subject of an advocacy speech delivered by Mr. Mbaé Toimimou representing of the ministry of interior’s general direction of Election, and Madame Nadjahé Allaoui, acting president of the National Independent Election Commission.


This project funded by the Australian government and implemented by ECES for 12 months, aims to promote female participation in Comorian political life. According to Mr. Gorka Gamarra, “Women’s candidacy for elected positions are in fact quite low, out of 213 candidates for the Union Assembly only 8 of them were women, this is the equivalent of 3, 76%. Of the 33 seats in parliament, only one women is present and this despite their massive participation estimated to be around 48% for the previous election”.

However, women represent a fundamental development engine in the Union of the Comoros. The main objective of the project is therefore to promote the presence of women in political life and to make women and young women aware of their rights, while facilitating their understanding of the political environment and its challenges.


Women and young women are not the only beneficiaries of the project, which also aims to raise the awareness of the population as a whole in order to reinforce and support a joint vision of public life that can, in the long term, facilitate the emergence of a new economic and social force and for the country.


To achieve these objectives, the Australian Embassy in the Union of the Comoros and ECES plan to produce a radio drama about the journey of a young woman wishing to become a member of Parliament. This series, which will be broadcasted in 2017 and 2018 at the national level, will tell the story of her early involvement in political life until the election results, illustrating the pitfalls and challenges to overcome, the lessons learned, and the experiences of this journey.


ECES strongly hopes that this project will make a lasting contribution to the inclusiveness of the Comorian electoral process and is also honoured to have been selected by the Australian Cooperation for the implementation of this project.