LEAD Kinshasa 2014

«The Democratic Republic of Congo needs for its future a more beautiful country than before made of men and women with a high sense of responsibility and patriotism, proven wisdom of self-control, and elected through fair, transparent and credible elections»


With these words the Integrity and Electoral Mediation Committee (CIME) coordinator, Révérend Delphin Elebe Kapalay, closed the Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral Stakeholders (LEAD) training organised in Kinshasa from 8 to 11 May 2014. This course has been organized by the CENI with the support of ECES and EFEAC, to the benefit of the main representatives of Congolese religious communities.


The course was attended by more than 18 representatives from the 8 main religious communities in DRC. At the end of the training, the Representatives of the main religious committees produced a final document aimed at creating a Commission d’Intégrité et de Médiation électorales (CIME – Integrity and Electoral Mediation Committee).


The course developed during four days at la Maison des Elections in Kinshasa, DRC and was facilitated by 6 experienced LEAD facilitators : Corneille Nangaa - Deputy National Executive Secretary of the CENI, Roger Bupiri - Training expert of the CENI, Clément Aganahi - ECES Senior expert in electoral technology and biometrics, Eliane Torres - ECES Capacity Development Advisor, Camille Rouaud - ECES Programm Coordinator, and Dieudonné Mirimo - Administrative Secretary of EFEAC.


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