Extension of the Project PARCAN Guinea

The European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) is proud to announce today, April 27, 2015, the signature of a new service contract with the European Delegation based in Republic of Guinea, in Conakry. This builds on ECES’ PARCAN I project in Guinea, which was launched in May 2014.


This contract includes the continuing structural support to the National Assembly of the Republic of Guinea and the preparation, under the 11th European Development Fund, of a program on stakeholders’ capacity-building in the electoral process (civil society, political parties, justice, media power, etc). ECES is also tasked with the completion of the design of a major campaign on the Citizenship’s Education and electoral issues, based on the national and international partners, involved in this dynamic. In this context, ECES was commissioned by the European Delegation in Conakry to officially represent it at the meeting of all National Council members of the Guinean civil society (CNOSCG), held at the People Palace, on April 22, 2015. 


ECES will continue its support for the restructuring of the Parliamentary Administration of the National Assembly, by the realisation of the organisation framework, the edition and diffusion of the internal procedure’s Handbook and the launching of the national Assembly’s new website.


This new contract reflects the excellent work of both ECES and its project leader in Guinea, Dominique Weerts with the PARCAN I project and highlights the trust that both the European institutions - through his Delegation in Conakry - and the Guinean Institutions have in ECES’ work.