Evaluation PAPES

PAPES External Evaluation 



An external evaluation mission for the first phase of the electoral support project in Senegal (PAPES), financed by the German government took place from the 24th to the 29th of November, 2017 in Dakar. 



This external evaluation mission is based on the conclusions drawn from the interviews of the various meetings and interviews with the actors involved in the national election along with the financial and electoral partners (PTF).  The evaluation is based on a participative approach in compliance with the principles of evaluation dictated by the Committee for Development Aid (CAD) of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCDE), which include the various beneficiaries and actors involved in this project. 



Upon the exercise of this evaluation for the first phase of PAPES, the mission has agreed on the importance of this project in the sense of responding to the needs of the various actors, donors and other active European PTFs within the context of electoral assistance.



From the prospective of effectiveness, the evaluation allowed to achieve most set goals thanks to the fulfilling results. 



From the prospective of efficiency, this evaluation notes the fruitful and complementary collaboration amongst experts in the field and the electoral administration to create a synergetic partnership. The financial management of the project has also been very efficient: “the activities have been conducted based on their effective cost, without administrative or financial fees, even if the consideration of this type of accounts is usual within electoral and development projects”.



Concerning its impact, the evaluation notes the improvement of electoral administration work methods in the field of awareness and civic education via development tools of institutional communication. 

Finally, from the prospective of viability, this evaluation confirms the appropriate methods and tools on behalf of the electoral administration’s capacities to ensure communication and awareness.



This evaluation formulates various recommendations Efforts supporting the 2017-2019 election cycle. Amongst these there are: the consolidation of awareness campaigns and institutional communication methods to be transferred to the electoral administration, support counsel on electoral law in light of following the review of the electoral code prior to the presidential election of 2019 and the strengthening of actors through the LEAD formation- Leadership and electoral violence prevention during the second and third trimester of 2018. 



Furthermore, the evaluation invites to “bring forth an immediate contribution to the Technical Committee proposed by the Minister of Interior on November 21st in order to mobilize as soon as possible a provision of   DGE/MISP in light of this electoral file audit”. To this effect PAPES would support the meetings of said Committee in the context of a political dialogue throughout its second phase in following the administration of the electoral file audit.

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