ECES is proud to announce that it has been awarded a contract to work on the European Resource for Mediation Support III (ERMES III). The project will be implemented by a consortium of experts, led by the College of Europe and has an overall budget of 3.5 million Euros.


The overall objective of ERMES III is to facilitate the EU’s support to third party engaged in inclusive peace mediation and dialogue processes at the international, regional or local levels, by inter alia providing technical assistance and training, and organising meetings and seminars.

Since its beginning in 2014, European Resources for Mediation Support (ERMES) has proven to be an extremely useful tool for the EU role in mediation and dialogue. This action aims to build on the successful experiences of the "ERMES I” and "ERMES II” and provide a tool for the EU to advance its objectives and role in the field of mediation and dialogue. ERMES has been successful in meeting the need of providing experts in the context of changing timelines and under short notice, proving its great level of flexibility and responsiveness both in the selection and mobilization of Non-Key Experts as well as in providing various logistical and administrative support tasks.


The Consortium will enact a variety of activities on behalf of ERMES III, such as the deployment of technical experts whose knowledge covers a wide range of geographic and thematic issues. These experts would be able to be deployed on very short notice in the context of peace or dialogue processes. ECES will also be able to provide technical support such as the training, event organization, the development of studies and analysis, and logistical support for any peace and dialogue process. The Consortium also includes ESSEC, Fondation Hirondelle, Interpeace, and MediatEUR along with ECES. These organisations share ECES’ vision and expertise in using dialogue and communication to foster peace.


The College of Europe is an elite and independent post-graduate university located in Bruges. Along with being an elite university, the College of Europe also provides a series of professional services in cooperation with individuals, universities, public bodies, private companies and non-governmental organisations all over the world. their team consists of a multinational team with solid experience in managing European and worldwide projects. In working with Europe, it relies on and complements the College of Europe’s expertise and worldwide network.


The project will be implemented under the supervision of the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments), in close consultation with the EEAS’ Mediation Support Team situated within the Division for Prevention of Conflicts, Rule of Law and SSR, Integrated Approach, Stabilisation and Mediation (PRISM) which ensure the political steer. The individual assignments to be implemented will be managed and coordinated together with the relevant Services and Geographic Units within the EEAS and the European Commission, as well as with EU Delegations.


ECES looks forward to implementing these activities jointly with the consortium and furthering our relationship with the European Commission.

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ERMES - European Resources for Mediation Support