Electoral Training School in Central Africa - EFEAC

The Electoral Training School in Central Africa (EFEAC) is an initiative consisting of the 10 member countries of the ECCAS (Economic Community of Central African States). It was established in Libreville in May 2011, during a meeting between the representatives from the electoral institutions of the 10 countries.

Experts from ECES have been supporting EFEAC since its inception, in particular ECES’ Executive Director, Mr. Fabio Bargiacchi, who was an Elections Expert for the United Nations and the European Union at the time, participated in the design and definition of EFEAC’s mission and strategies. Since then, EFEAC and ECES have maintained close ties through various projects and initiatives.
The ECES-EFEAC partnership is based on the synergies between the two organisations, through which the electoral process can be effectively supported in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in the ECCAS countries, as well as in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), thereby reinforcing the strength and visibility of the two institutions.

Furthemore, the EFEAC focuses on regional expertise necessary for a school of regional reputation as well as contextual knowledge of the ECCAS countries, while on the other side, ECES is supporting through international experts, experience in working with international organisations and donors, and mastery in European education standards.


Joint EFEAC and ECES projects are designed and implemented in order to promote these synergies between the organisations. Since 2012, ECES and EFEAC have implemented several projects in the region: 

  • The Satellite Way for Education (SWAY4EDU) project; 
  • The “Support to Electoral Cycles in the ECCAS countries” (PACEEAC) project;
  • In Gabon, ECES and EFEAC contributed to a project of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF), "Supporting the Electoral Process”;
  • Delivery of three Leadership and Conflict Management Skills for Electoral Administration (LEAD) training programmes in the DRC
  • ECES and EFEAC are jointly supporting the installation of the new Electoral Commission (CENI) in DRC;
  • Finally, EFEAC and ECES have also designed a Master’s Degree in Electoral Cycle Management (Master en Administration Électorale).

Read more about the EFEAC and it’s activities with ECES on it’s webpage