Electoral Cycle Roundtable launched in Comoros

A two-day roundtable aimed at facilitating the exchange of experiences concerning the different dimensions of the electoral cycle, was launched yesterday in the Union of Comoros. The event was organised by the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) with the support of ECES's EU funded project; PACTE Comores. 


The “Electoral cycle 2015-2016: assessment and prospects” roundtable was attended by several key stakeholders, including the Union of Comoros' Ministry of Interior, CENI, the President of the National Press and Audiovisual Council (CNPA), Mrs. Anna Costantini, from the Delegation of the European Union and several ECES team members. 


Considered as a perfect opportunity to evaluate lessons learnt and identify future challenges before devising an Action Plan for the upcoming 2016 elections, the roundtable brought together a wide range of participants. These included representatives of the Comorian Institutions, the European Union, the Embassy of France, the Constitutional Court, the police, the civil society, consultation framework,  CENI's 13 members as well as the members of the Insular Independent Electoral Commissions (CEII) from the three islands: Grande Comore, Anjouan and Moheli.  


During the opening ceremony, Mr. Scipion du Chatenet, head of the PACTE project, delivered the event’s welcome and wished profitable exchanges before giving the floor to Mr. Djaza Ahmed Mohamed, CENI's President and successively to the Minister of the Interior of the Union of Comoros, Mr. Houssen Hassan Ibrahim.


Mr. Ibrahim congratulated all CENI members for their engagement during the electoral process and thanked the ECES team and experts for their contribution in organising last elections, highlighting their important role in supporting and advising the electoral management bodies. He invited all stakeholders to stand and thank ECES; a standing ovation and long applause followed his words. The minister ended his speech by urging all participants to conduct a profitable round table and draw lessons in order to prepare for the presidential elections in 2016.

ECES experts, Mr. David Le Nôtre and Mr. Denis Fontaine, who were participating on behalf of ECES, moderated the discussions in which CENI members shared their experience and analyses concerning all the phases of the electoral process.


Different topics like electoral registry, legal framework, communication, electoral management and logistics were considered before developing an action plan and timeframe for the next elections.