ECES is happy and proud to announce that it was shortlisted and selected to Tender for “Technical assistance in support of the programme "Supporting democracy - A citizens' organisations Programme (including domestic observers groups)". This is a 5 million Euro projects for three years financed by the EU and precisely by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR). The project is aimed to support, develop and consolidate democracy by reinforcing an active role for civil society within the democratic cycle in the 24 countries of the first and second generation of the EU Agenda for Democracy. 


ECES is coordinating with "IBF International Consulting" a strong consortium of seven organizations that will compete for this tender and composed by: 

IBF International Consulting (lead implementing partner), ECES, Collateral Creations (CC), Center for Creative Leadership, European Partnership for Democracy, STEM-VCR Sustainable Development and- V-Dem Institute.


In this light, in order to be as competitive as possible in the Tender, ECES and its partners looking for the best candidates for positions of Key Experts (Key Expert 1 and Key Expert 2) and also for short and mid-term expertise. See our web site for the specific profile and Terms of References. 


If interested in this opportunity, please send your CV and Cover Letter to coordination@eces.eu as soon as possible and in any case no later than 5th of January 11 2015. The Project is intended to start in March 2015. The results of the Tender should be made public by the end of February. The following types of services are expected to be provided by Key Experts (Key Expert 1 and Key Expert 2) :

  • Operational support, including logistics: assisting EU Delegations and Headquarters in organising of consultation meetings, dialogue platforms, peer-to-peer reviews and other events in the framework of the implementation of the EU Agenda for Action on Democracy Support.
  • Targeted assistance to EU Delegation: methodological advice, tools and training in the area of democracy support on issues related to programming/project management (e.g. priority setting, indicators and monitoring, mainstreaming of democracy support, etc.), as well as substance (e.g. accountability and transparency of democratic processes, democratic reforms, democratic oversight, media and civil society role, domestic observation, etc.).
  • Targeted support to civil society in the following areas (non-exhaustive list): accountability, transparency and sustainability of democratic processes, democratic reforms (including constitutional reforms and democratic oversight), domestic observation of elections, monitoring and follow-up on recommendations of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and international and domestic Election Observation Missions (EOMs) reports, etc.


For further details of the project and for more information about the positions, please visit the page Vacancies on this website.