ECES Vice-president Pinto-Teixeira visit Antananarivo Office

The ECES regional office in Antananarivo Madagascar has been honored to receive the visit of its Vice-president, Jose-Manuel Pinto-Teixeira.


Several meetings have been organised with the president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Ambassador of the European Union and his colleagues.


Today, together with the ECES representative, Eva Palmans, the Vice-president participated at the observation of the municipal elections, joining the representatives of the EU Delegation, the UN, the UE member states embassies and the IOF.


ECES implemented the project on the Prevention and Management of Potential Conflict and Violence related to the Elections from January 2018 up to October 2019 and continues to be present in Madagascar with its office established in Antananarivo since 2013.


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