DGE Newsletter for June 2018

The Directorate General of Elections in Senegal (DGE) has recently published a newsletter about the upcoming presidential elections in 2019. This newslette, the sixth in a series published by the DGE on the presidential elections, discusses the auditing of the voter registry, the monitoring committee for recommendations on the voter registry, the ad hoc commission on sponsorships and updates on the electoral process.


ECES is proud to be working with the DGE on the Project to Support the Electoral Process in Senegal (PAPES), funded by the German Federal Republic and the delegation of the European Union. The goal of this project is to lend our support to the DGE in order to well inform all key electoral stakeholders, restructure the voter registrar, help with training key actors in elections and to help set up a peaceful, fair and effective election in which voters can have confidence. 


This series of newsletters is highly informative and offers good insight or even an introduction to the electoral process in Senegal.


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