Completion - Media Monitoring Training

Within the component “Communication and Media Monitoring” of the “Project to Support the Credibility and Transparency of Elections in Burkina Faso” ("Projet d’Appui à la Crédibilité et à la Transparence des Elections au Burkina Faso" - PACTE-BF), the training of 16 agents, selected to integrate in the Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) of the project, completed the training on 26 June 2015.


Among the dozens of candidates who submitted their resumes for the position of Media Monitor, 16 people had been selected following successfully passing the interview, a written test, and validation of their professional profiles by the INEC. It was essential to ensure, in addition to the skills of the candidates, their impartiality and their lack of political commitment. In this context, through the many practical exercises, the training was used to select the 10 best candidates among the 16 participating. At the end of the five days training, the participants received a certificate of participation.


The President of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Mr. Bartholomew Kéré personally handed out the certificates to the 16 participants. Mr. Kere reiterated that the Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) will accompany CENI throughout the electoral process in order to provide systematized, objective and timely information pertinent to the to the thematic and contextual dimensions of the appreciation and handling of the perception of INEC in media in Burkina Faso.


The MMU also supports the CENI proactively and reactively in its corporate communications activities.


Over a period of 5 days (22 to 26 June 2015), taking place in the offices of ECES in Ouagadougou (located in the Annex building of the CENI), the training was conducted by the Media Monitoring Expert  of Osservatorio di Pavia, detached for the PACTE-BF project, Giovanna Maiola. The training has also been enriched by the interventions of the electoral expert of the project, Franck Balme, and the Capacity building Expert of PACTE-BF, Leandro Nagore.


This training aimed not only to train monitors for their future work, but also to complete the process of their selection for a Media Monitoring Unit operational from June 29 2015.


The training provided participants with specific expertise in media monitoring methodology, and allowed them to become familiar with the organization of the UMM, including its technical aspects, objectives and monitoring activities, and introduced them to the best practices for analysing media content and legal framework for coverage of the elections and politics in Burkina Faso.


The MMU aims to provide sustainable support to the CENI in order to strengthen their credibility and transparency throughout the electoral process.