CENA Benin 3rd Newsletter « Fenêtre Electorale »


Within the framework of the Technical Assistance Mission in Benin, started in January 2016, financed by the EU Delegation, the third newsletter "Electoral Window" (in orig. « Fenêtre Electorale ») was produced.

The newsletter "Electoral Window" is one of the tools used for strengthening the institutional communication of the CENA (Autonomous National Electoral Commission). In this context,  in order to strengthen its institutional communication, the CENA is also supported in its voter education activities.

Throughout the mission, several editions of the newsletter will be produced: 3-4 editions before the election and after the announcement of the election results (if there is a second round, the operation will be repeated).

The third  edition of the newsletter of the CENA "Electoral Window" contains information on the ballot paper specimen that will be used during the upcoming elections,  the speech of the CENA's President for the opening of the electoral campaign and latest news on the CENA work.


The third  "Electoral Window" CENA newsletter can be downloaded here